Christopher Colunus

1. We should read and study letters of Columbus written years ago in another language and in immensely different cultural situations because they provide a more authentic account description of America. They also offer useful insights.
2. Christopher Columbus is a huge mythological figure in many ways. He is one of the most single celebrated historical figures in global history. He has streets, buildings, foods, etc named after him. He is a representative not of his own accomplishments, but the self-perception of the society which raised him to become a mythological figure.
3. Literary place of Columbus is

4. Columbus’ psychology:
A figure of deep and unresolved conflict: In the 1503 letter “I never think without weeping”. “In the 1503 letter “I am so ruined”.
Piety: In the 1493 letter he states that “Our lord has crowned my voyage”. In the 1503 letter he states “I humbly pray your highnesses that if it please God bring me forth from this place”.
Covetousness: In the 1493 letter “I have taken possession for their highnesses”.  
Self-righteousness: In the 1503 letter “You gave me wide power over this and over all that I might further discover”. “You granted me the title of viceroy and admiral and governor general of all.“
Pride: In the 1493 letter Espanola is a marvel. He describes it to be beautiful, singing, and variety. “I saw them as green and as lovely as they are in Spain in May”.
Political servility:   In 1496 he was forced to return to Spain to clear his name of politically motivated charges made against him by other Europeans in the West Indies.
Manipulation: Cuba was manipulated right out of his grasp when the settlers demanded gold and sexual partners.

5. When reading the 1493 and 1503 Columbus letters you think that Columbus has finally found what he is looking for and is going to be appraised. But in the 1503 letter Christopher realizes that finding land and the process of being accredited for it is not so simple. He is now livid of...