The Ways That Christopher Affects the People Around Him in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"

The Ways that Christopher Affects the People Around Him Amanda Lui 8c

I think that Christopher affects the people around him both in a negative way and a positive way. It’s hard to decide what’s a positive action is and a negative because everything has a positive side and a negative side.

  Christopher is a little weird boy and have major social problem. I think that he gets his father frustrated, which I think is a negative affect on his father. Another negative influence he has on his mother is that he is the reason why she leaves his dad and him aloe in Swindon. A good influence he has on his mother is when he makes her realise what she had done to Christopher and his dad. His only 2 friend is Mrs Alexander, an old lady which is a neighbour to him, and his pet rat Toby.

I think that Christopher’s mum couldn’t handle Christopher anymore and therefore moved away from Christopher and his dad. Not because she was in love with Mr Sheers and had to run away. She was probably the one who gave Christopher most love and got least back of all the people in the book. Christopher also caused many of problems she had to solve. She had a lot of pressure on and couldn’t handle it anymore. This is also a reason I think she moved away from them.

After moving to London she started to write letters to Christopher, to show him that she still cared about him and loved him. But actually she didn’t care about him at all, I think. If she still loved and cared about Christopher she would have went to Swindon some times a month. It isn’t very far away from London and even if he wrote letter she would still come to see how he was.

    The reason I think she wrote the letters was because she was filled with guilt after leaving them behind and to lighter that guilt up she had to make contact with Christopher. She probably didn’t want to call them because then it’s a big risk that his father would pick up the phone and she didn’t want to talk to him.