Choosing One of the Case Studies That You Developed Within Your Group During the Class. Explain the Cause of the Person's Symptoms and Construct a Hypnoanalysis Treatment Plan and Required Outcome.

In this essay I will describe person A who I will now refer to as the client in the case study. I will explain the issues that have caused my client to seek therapy for low self-esteem. I will consider the hypnoanalysis treatment options that may be suitable to use for them (see attached screed) and explain the benefits and any ethical issues that may arise from treatment. I will then construct a treatment plan and the outcome I would expect from this and if there would be any need to refer the patient on. The case study is as follows:

Case study
My client is a 28 year old female who is just going through a divorce.   My client had what she considers to be a relatively normal childhood coming from a comfortable home where her parents were both well-educated and had good jobs.   She has two older brothers with whom she has a good relations.   My client achieved good grades at school and was successful in sports.   She was popular and has a good group of friends.   She went onto university obtaining a good degree and got a good job at the end of her course.   My client refers to her parents expectations of her growing up and whilst she did achieve at school she was made acutely aware of her parents high expectations for her and they applied a huge amount of pressure on her to achieve and succeed from the age of 11 years to the point where she feared any kind of failure in her life be it personal or professional as thought her parents would think less of her and that she had let them down.  
She has been successful in her job and has been promoted quickly as she is viewed as someone who can deal well with situations and is confident.   She met her husband when she left university at the age of 24, he was a few years older than her. He was charming and very attentive to her and all her friends liked him too. However, following their marriage his personality changed but only towards her to the outside world he remained charming and caring.   However towards my client he...