Children's Development

A basic outline of the expected pattern of children’s development.

3 months

Physical development
- Can hold their head up for several seconds and lift their head and chest when lying on tummy.
- Can hold rattle for a few moments, but cannot usually look at it, at the same time.
- Legs are not strong enough for holding weight when standing.

Intellectual development
- Follows adults with eyes, moves head where the noise comes from.
- Shows eagerness when offered milk.
- Presses palms together, and clasps hands.

- Makes noises when happy.
- Turns head to sound.
- Stops crying to sound of rattle.

Emotional development
- Quietens to sound of familiar voice.
- Shows pleasure when handled, and talked to.
- Shows distress at loud noises and excitement at sounds, which he likes. 

Social development
- Smiles.
- Stares at parent or carer when being fed.
- Reacts happily to familiar situations.

6 months

Physical development
- Lifts head and chest up higher now, when lying on tummy
- Plays with feet when lying on back. Sits upright supported.
- Kicks legs alternately. Will take weight on legs when held. Bounces. Rolls over.

Intellectual development
- Stares at toys within reach, and grabs toy with both hands. 
- Uses whole hand to hold toys. Palmar grasp.
- Passes toy from hand to hand. Watches toy fall.

- Starts to make tuneful double or single syllable sounds, eg 'muh-muh'.
- Turns to where familiar voice comes from. Listens to voice.
- Laughs to self while playing, also screams with delight and with irritation.

Emotional development
- Holds hands up to be lifted.
- Touches breast or bottle when being fed.
- Manipulates toys very well. Watches them at the same time.

Social development
- Is still friendly with strangers unless startled or familiar adult isn't there.
- Loves 'Rough and Tumble' play.

9 months

Physical development
- Pulls to standing....