Children Learn to Cook

Should Children Learn to Cook?

Throughout our years of growing up, our parents have always prepared and cooked us food to enjoy. There were the occasional times where we helped them out, such as cutting vegetables or most likely during a baking process where some fun was involved. So when is the time where children will become self-sufficient and cook for themselves? Many people debate over the right age and if they should even learn at all. Children are very time-sensitive, and they will most likely keep what they learn at young age.
Children should learn how to cook once parents deem them cautious enough to handle sharp objects and to not get burned. First, children will want to learn how to cook so they can sustain themselves if their parents are not home. For instance, if one is hungry, they would just eat some chips or maybe put together a sandwich. While these things can provide some nourishment, they are not a substantial meal. If a child learns how to cook, they can create enough food that is sufficient enough to last them an extended period of time, potentially over the course of a couple of days. Next, cooking is just a staple when you get to college. Many college students will go out to a fast food place or gas station to buy their meals everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Doing this completely consumes and wastes a large amount of money, as opposed to buying ingredients at a grocery store or supermarket for half the price and can last you much longer if used correctly. Students can save the rest of their money for something they would like to buy, or just store in a bank account for future uses. One very real-world example is KevJumba, who was a popular youtuber. When he went to college, he didn’t know how to cook anything, so he spent his meal times eating cup of noodles for a whole semester. Finally, cooking can help you not just during times of crisis or college, but for your entire life. If someone gets married, they shouldn’t depend on...