Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a constant rising issue amongst us today worldwide, especially within the United States. Obesity is one of the most prevalent nutritional disorders amongst children and adolescents in the United States. Approximately twenty-one to twenty-four percent of American children and adolescents are overweight, while about another sixteen to eighteen percent are obese; the prevalence of obesity is highest among specific ethnic groups. That is a big problem, which is why I chose to discuss this topic. I believe this is growing at the pace it is because no one is seriously addressing the issue. We pacify our young kids and allow them to believe that it’s okay to engage in certain eating habits and not inform them of how damaging it could be to their health.
I want to focus my research and discussion on childhood obesity with the age range of seven to fifteen. I chose to limit to this specific range, because this is the age group in which obesity is highest. I believe if I address the issue we can figure out ways that we can limit this problem amongst the children and adolescents that are at the highest risk. I want to focus on a limited age group so that I can discuss more specifics in the research that relate directly to the affected, rather than just a generalization. As Americans we somewhat sweep the issue under the mat, or we talk about what is wrong but do not follow up to implement helping these children change their eating habits and become healthier.  
I plan to address how it is stated that the more mothers work, the more weight children gain. I do not believe that should be an explanation as to why we have such high obesity amongst our kids. Parents need to take responsibility for the kind of food and amount of food that their child consumes. I plan to argue the direct correlation between childhood obesity and the responsibility of the parents and their child’s eating habits.
Most people become obese for several different reasons, the...