Unit 14: Psychological Perspectives on Children’s Behaviour
M1- Analyse the nature v nurture debate is more detail. Ensure you refer to evidence from identical twin studies and the research findings as to how the behaviour of feral children is affected by their very abnormal environment.
The Nature- Nurture debate: How does the unique an individual are from the birth and they must be consider if they are grow and develop is because of the genetic influences or maybe it’s because of the environment influences.
The nature debate--Is what to extant is behaviour inherited?-The Nature is innate, genetic and heredity   - Are they born in certain way?
What are the product in our genes?   Maybe we are good with maths?
  Maybe we are good with our hands or artistic?
  Maybe we are good at making up the stories, poems or jokes?
  Maybe we are good at peaking up other languages?
  Maybe someone is good at day dreaming?
  Maybe they are good at being logical?
We all can look back and see that we were good at school in our subjects that choose to do.
Is this innate ability or maybe learned ability?
The nature debateWhat is the extent behaviour determined by the experience in our environment?   What is Nurture- situational, environmental
  Have we learned to behave a certain ways?
  The earlier a particular ability appears to the less opportunities for learning so therefore the abilities are genetic.

  The nature- Nurture debate

  We are born with capacities to perceive the world in the certain way but stimulation and also the environmental influences are crucial in determining behaviour.
  They both are involved although they are not always obvious exactly what the part of their play.
  How likely you are to your sister or your brother?

What is the nature debate?
Nature debate is cells that’s are in human bodies that determinates what you are and what you look like besides it doesn’t give you personality.
The most amazing issue...