Kaleem Persaud                                                                                           23/09/13

CYP Core 3.1: Understand child and young person development.

Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years. 1.1 And 1.2.

Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years.

Aspects of development

The various aspects of development are intricately linked- each affects the others. If progress of one or area of development is impeded or neglected in some way, children could find it difficult to reach their full potential.
Development refers not just to the physical growth of children and young people, but to the skills and knowledge they are developing. Naturally the two are interconnected as growth impacts enormously on children and young people’s development, so neural growth affects the way that children and young people are able to think.
Physical development- This area of development is about learning how to master physical movement. It is usually subdivided into fine motor skills such as tying shoe laces or gross motor skills such as throwing a ball and locomotive movements such as balancing and walking which allows children to gain independence.
Cognitive development- This area of development is also known as intellectual development. It is a huge area, as it encompasses the way in which the brain processes information. Being able to remember someone’s name or to distinguish between colours are cognitive skills. Imagination is also cognitive. This is also strongly linked to developing communication and language skills.
Communication- This area of development is about learning to communicate with other people and understanding their communication. Talking, reading and writing and also the use of gestures are examples of skills that most children learn. Communication...