Child Care

Intellectual Development:
Gabriella Romeo
St Monica School


I want to thank Ms. Anna the teacher I interviewed, Mrs.Vella Bardon the headmistress of St. Cecilia Kindergarten Tarxien for their help and last but not least to Ms.A.Falzon for her support and dedication.

Table of Contents

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Planning                                                             4
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    - To look into what young children play with and how they learn through such toys.
    - To find out how young children develop through play
    - To find out how young children co –operate while learning.


Intellectual development: play
    - Fun
    - Physical Exercise
    - Learning - indoors - school
                    -outside - nature
    - independence from parents
    - learning through play
    - health – safe play
    - sharing
    - Learning skills (crafts, colouring , singing, role playing)

    Research :Intellectual Development

  Intellectual Development is the development of the intelligence of human beings. A child starts developing his mind at a very early age. It is known that babies begin to learn even before they are born. Everyone wants his child to be the best that they can be, and with some knowledge of how children learn and the...