At   placement, I was asked to carry out some children’s observations in reception class in the morning aged between 4-5yrs old to ensure that the children are all progressing with their individual development.                                                     The children had done some counting activities last week by using different counting themes using numbers from 1-20 and different shapes, size and colour objects from around the room for the activity.
I had started the activity by sitting with three children at a time and using different coloured pebbles to observe how far they can count to. I was observing and writing notes on each child to find out what numbers can he/she confidentially count up to without any help or guidance from an adult and also if I noticed any difficulty whilst them counting.                                                                                                             For example: Child A - counted the pebbles from 1-20 quite quickly and with confidence.   Child B - counted up to 1-15 correctly and then started to miss out a few numbers trying his very best to count up to 20 which I helped him to achieve by recounting all the pebbles and working with numbers from 15-20. Child C - again counted all the pebbles from 1-20 correctly but was slow and shy at counting, I then asked him to do two recounts using the pebbles which gained his confidence.           All together I had observed 22 children in class and repeated the activity successfully.     If another child or all the children in the group had liked to join in then they too had the opportunity to carry out the activity and to ensure that all children can adapt to the activity accordingly.   The aim was to have each child counting confidently on their own from 1-15 or above and it shows that the children enjoyed using different objects to count by using pebbles and I feel that if they enjoy an activity then they are learning from it.
In reception all the planning...