Child Labour Speech

Warm welcome to everyone and I would like to take this chance to thankyou for being concerned about child labour and also for being here.
Does child labour exist? Is slavery still a threat to our family, country and nations?   We as human beings have not ended the struggles and disappointments of child labour. As we go on to live our day to day lives, child labour and slavery is going on, it might not affect us personally but it will affect all of us soon.
Let me give you something to think about; do you remember your childhood? Did you have to work 14 hour a day in terrible conditions with dirty water and minimal food for you and your family?   . Children that work every day of their young lives are strong, powerful and brave. They deserve better; a better life and a chance to play with their friends like we all did, when we were at that age. They have no choice they have to work because they are the people who puts food on the because there are not many jobs available in third world countries. It has to stop, they deserve better.
The fact that they’re traded for such low sum of money; and that there are thousands of them being taken to Nepal, as a result, child labour in Nepal is prohibited but authorities doesn’t   take much action regarding it.   If the children were able to go home the conditions are worse because of the shortage of food and incommodious area. After the poor helpless children are sold and infrequently sleep on the ground by their work space. There are not any equal rights being applied in aggregation countries, and there's no health and safety applied.
We are living in the 21 century and still children are tormented and beaten and abused to work. So let’s think why are children being brought into this world? And why are they being sold like animals to work. I am not saying not to give birth because if there are no children   then who is going to be the future, teachers, presidents, and fire fighters, who is going to continue the proud...