Child Devolopment

Multiple Intelligences
Intelligence Style
People who are strong in the language intelligence enjoy saying, hearing, and seeing words. They like telling stories. They are motivated by books, records, dramas, opportunities for writing.
Read out loud.
Keep a journal.
Use a tape recorder to tape stories and write them down.
Read together with a peer or friend.
Read a piece with different emotional tones or viewpoints
People who are strong in the spatial intelligence remember things visually, including exact sizes and shapes of objects. They like posters, charts, and graphics. They like any kind of visual clues. They enjoy drawing.
Write a language experience story.
Study and create maps, diagrams and graphs.
Color code words so each syllable is a different color.
Use pictures to stimulate reading or writing.
People who are strong in the logic/math intelligence enjoy exploring how things are related. They like to understand how things work. They like mathematical concepts. They enjoy puzzles and manipulative games. They are good at critical thinking.
Sort, categorize, and characterize word lists.
While reading a story, stop before you've finished and predict what will happen next.
Make outlines of what you are going to write or of the material you've already read.
Body Movement
People who are strong in the body movement intelligence like to move, dance, wiggle, walk, and swim. They are often good at sports. They have good fine motor skills. They like to take things apart and put them back together.
Take a walk while discussing material or gathering ideas for a project.
Change the place where you write and use different kinds of tools to write, ie: computer or large pieces of paper.
Take a break and go for a walk.
Intelligence Style Characteristics Strategies for Success
People who are strong in the musical intelligence like
the rhythm and sound of language. They like poems,...