Cherriched Possesion

Many people hold many different things to their heart. For me I cherish a single wilted rosebud. This rosebud is five years old and is kept in a keepsake shadow box that sits on the window ceil next to a picture of the two of us when I was four months pregnant with his first grand-daughter in the kitchen so every time I do dishes and look out the window I am reminded on what I have left of my father-in-law.
I and my father- in -law were very close. When I moved to Texas eight years ago he took me under his wing and treated me like the daughter he never had. He battled many things throughout his life. He was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys and underwent surgery to replace his right before I arrived to Texas. This man was a father figure to me in the four short years I got to share with him. He would take me to work all the time when I had no car without a complaint and we would laugh together about the silliest things that made no sense at all. I remember when it would rain I would ask “can you see the road?” he would reply “nope I’m driving on memory”. That sticks with me till this day. He was also known for his bar-b q he had a special remedy that only my husband knows about and WILL NOT share it. It was so good it was sweet, tangy, and had just the right kick to it my mouth waters as I try to explain how great it was.
One day back in May 2006 everything changed. One of my favorite men in my life had gotten sick out of the blue know one seen it coming. He walked himself into the hospital and never had the chance to walk back out he passed away on May 28th 2006 my daughter was only three years old and it tore my heart into tiny little pieces to know that she will not know her grandfather the way I knew him.   I remember our last conversation together he told me he didn’t feel well and I asked him if there was something I could do for him he said “yes” can you bring me some “red Jell-O”   I said “of course” but he never got to eat...