Checkpoint:New System Proposal
Danielle Voll
IT 205
Marianne Daugharthy
October 5, 2014

I feel that a business requirement would drive the projects creation and use because this will help the company, business, or organization deliver to provide value. There are many ways such has products, systems, software, and processes are the ways to deliver or meet the business requirement. First you would need to set some goals for the business, company, or organization these needs need to be visible to the eye. So everyone can see them. Secondly you would need to come up with some proposals on how the company, business, or organization will meet the goal that they have set. You and the team should set an agenda to work on so you and the team can have the proper documentation for the goals that you have made for the business, company, or organization. Always notify the proper people about the goals that you set, that way no one can say that they did not know about the goals. Always leave room for feedback from others in your requirements and a flowchart that will be good to have to present along with the requirements, people get a better understanding of what is being said if they have something to look at, this will show what is expected and what have been achieve. But always keep in mind that different projects requirement call for different requirements example small projects are usually simple and easy to create, large projects may need extra care and mastery to be able to present a quality requirement.