Checkpoint Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan
Terri Dougherty
                                                        HSM 270
                                                    Feb. 17, 2013
                                                    Melvin Green


Evaluation Plan
The purpose of an Evaluation Plan is to monitor what is occurring in the actual program. The plan should identify what question the evaluation plan should answer, who is asking these questions. Then there are the resources that are available for conducting the evaluation, with both funding and the professional expertise, and how the information collected will be used.
First, is to identify with these programs are providing the services that the community needs, and in the case of my chosen scenario, the needs would be to educate the LEP (Limited English Proficiency), next would be to determine if there is room for improvement. For this scenario, I would incorporate the empowerment evaluation, that way after the staff are properly trained and certified, it can be determined if the program is working, the way it should and these students are learning the English language. The staff at the school would be the best choice for evaluating these students and the effect it is going to have on the community they all reside in.
Next would be to determine how the evaluation should be conducted, we already know it will be done with the staff, and I believe some part of proficiency test should be outlined and scheduled for regular intervals throughout the school year, to monitor the progress of the LEP students.
To set the program in motion a few things will need to be assessed, and what will need to be done to begin the process, in order to have a successful outcome, the targets population has already been established, the students with the limited English proficiency (LEP), and their families. Next, it will need to be established how to go about the certification of the staff in order to be able to get...