Characteristics of Orientalism

Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination
    There are numerous different things that differentiate Muslims from Arabs. Arabs are not all Muslims, and vice versa. To me the easiest way to clarify a Muslim is; to say someone who accepts Islam as their religion and lifestyle. An Arab is someone who stays in the Arab region and speaks Arabic. Combining the two is an example of stereotypes. Although there are a lot of Muslims in the Middle East they come from all regions of the world whereas Arabs are from that Middle Eastern region they catch the stereotypes and are automatically in some cases categorized as Muslims.
  The treatments of Muslims and Arabs in the last few years have changed in the Aftermath of September 11. The Government has passed numerous laws to help protect us here in the united States, from terrorist activities but when they got passed it had us stereotyping anyone from the Arab world and mis-categorizing innocent Muslims along with anyone who lived in the middle eastern region. The united States is try to move on by enforcing hate crime and discrimination laws against Arab and Muslims to assure they still have right here and they are not being punished for what others from the east   have done.
    Although we embrace Muslims and Arabic descendants there is still prejudice against them. That is partly because of Orientalism. Oreintalism is the interpretation or perception what we perceive in the western world and their culture from their perspective. One of the main characteristics is the fact we don’t understand eastern culture and ways therefore we don’t embrace their way of life or don’t understand it. Another characteristic is, the traumatic terror event taking place around the world comes from the East so many people stereotyped Muslims as terrorist. One of the other characteristics is religious extremism. Another example of the Arab/Muslim orientalism is how we looked at and treated Japanese after Pearl Harbor....