Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Oftentimes, Arabs and Muslims are being misconceived as being the same people when in truth this is not the case at all. Muslims are individuals that embrace the religion of Islam, which makes them part of a religious sect (Julita, para.2).   Whereas the Arabs, who are individuals that dwell or own their Arabian or Arab regions (Julita, para.2). Thus, they form a specific internationally known nationality (Julita, para.2). Arabs speak the Arabic (Arabian) language and can pick which faith or religion that they plan to follow. Whereas the Muslims, can have many different native languages of almost any language spoken in the world. As well as a pro dominantly they only have one religion, which is lslam. Muslims are considered to be a person who accepts the Islamic religion, whereas an Arab is a type of ethnicity or nationality (Julita, summary).
It all started to change after 9-11, when this horrible tragedy happened on American soil it took a toll on all eastern Arabs and Muslims. People look at them as if they are the same and are all terrorists, hate crimes are happing when it comes to jobs, walking into a business, America even made changes to all flight plans. "I would hypothesize that the aftermath of 9-11—the Patriot Act, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq—would do more to increase anti-Arab bias than 9-11 on its own," said University of Virginia social psychologist Brian Nosek (Solana para.3). Life for Arab descents are becoming a challenge to stay in America, people felt more better towards politicians, firefighters, and Americans in general through a new study.  
Two characteristics are spirituality and the diversity in terms of people. These characteristics create stereotypes and then this is where the hate crimes are committed. This stems from people not having proper knowledge of the different culture or race and creating a negative stereotypical background against them due to individual acts. People need to learn more about them as a whole rather...