Chapter Ii

Chapter 2

      This chapter presents a survey of related literature and studies conducted that will help the researchers in undertaking the study.   Here, the researchers relates to the previous studies that are discussed further to give the author more idea in pursuing the study.   The thorough review of literature is required to provide deeper insights in formulating conceptual framework, selection and application of methods of research with the end in view of formulating generalization or principles, which the researchers could contribute to the fund of knowledge.
      This review includes some articles, books, magazines and internet in order to improve the proposed software and be more proficient in its design, other unpublished thesis also helped to provide proof that this study is originally and its discussion of fact were also based on recent studies in creating more sources of related information.
Related Literature
A System approach is necessary to increase productivity and maintain consistency and quality since information is an important commodity for business and establishment, a computerized storage is very important within the organization. According to Caridad, Melody (Computerized Billing System for Jet Delivery Services),
“In order for us to maintain consistency and quality, we must make use of the new technology that is not widely used by different countries, which is computer. As we see, information technology, the application of computer and related technologies have accompanied information age to generation and communication of information.”
      Information technology has enabled forms to automate their processing of data and confirmation, so that most processing is performed without the direct involvement of human. Hicke, James stated in his book entitled