Chapter 3: Methodology

Chapter 3
This part simply discusses the instruments gathered particularly in the entire and the design method applies used for the proposed system and the method of testing used. It served as a framework to be used for the plan and provide guidelines in every occurrence.
Instruments Used
To be able to acquire all necessary requirement specifications for the implementation of the proposed system, the proponents make use of the following instruments:
Request Information:   The proponents issued a request letter for human resource office to gather information about the school officials. Know the precise system needs of the organization to be able to come up with proposal that would provide benefits to the school.
Document Analysis: Analyzing the important documents of the school officials helps in determining the parameters of the system to be developed.
Software Process Model
The design method serves as the groundwork in the development cycle. There are different types that can be used which are all depends on the type

of the study,a good example of this is the Rapid Application Development method. The proponents used the Rapid Application Development Model which approaches to software development put less emphasis on planning tasks and more emphasis on development. Rapid Application Development approaches emphasize the necessity of adjusting requirements in reaction to knowledge gained as the project progresses. This causes Rapid Application Development to use prototypes in addition to or even sometimes in place of design specifications. Rapid Application Development approaches also emphasize a flexible process that can adapt as the project evolves rather than rigorously defining specifications and plans correctly from the start.
The proponents choose Rapid Application Development because its projects are developed with the help of prototypes and then modify it through first prototype and so on although in case of Agile development, projects...