Changing Role of Hospitality

Enterprise Resource Planning
System and the Hospitality Industry
University of Phoenix
Enterprise Resource Planning System and the Hospitality Industry
      Choosing an IT application that will drive a business to new innovation can be challenging and expensive. The hospitality industry is very competitive and obtaining a competitive advantage over the competition can be very rewarding if done correctly. Using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system application to help run the business processes can help a hospitality business achieve superior success. This paper will discuss the efficiencies and cost controls an ERP system brings to a hospitality business, the value an ERP system has on information leveraging and decision-making, the changing role it provides to the hospitality industry, and the greater competitive advantage that can be acquired from using an ERP system.
Efficiencies and Cost Control
Any hospitality business can implement lean business policies that provide their business to improve their bottom line. Choosing an ERP system application to run their business is the right choice as it can increase business efficiency, productivity as well as help harmonize with lean business policy initiatives. An ERP system application can help minimize costs to operations, optimize strategic planning, and improve performance by capturing important data and sharing to the entire business. A complex and well detailed implementation is required for an ERP system to be successful, but the reward is bigger then the time and cost is to implement. According to (2010) global competition and pricing pressure in the hospitality market places extraordinary demand on businesses to strive for new efficiencies, innovation, and competitiveness. Using an ERP system allows for hospitality business to respond appropriately to there volatile market by creating a balance in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profitability. Harnessing the...