Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives

Have you ever noticed how when you look out of the window of a moving car or train, say a mountain or   a tree in the distance seems different after every few minutes ? At first you are approaching it, next you are directly in front of it, and then you have sped ahead, and the object is receding into the distance.   It seems bright when the sun is on it, it appears large when you have moved up close, and then you see the darker leeward side, and then it fades out   as you move on.

The object has not changed or moved, but you have. Different images of the same object reveal itself just by moving towards, or from it.

This is how it is with most situations in life.   When you are in the thick of things, you are totally consumed by the matter at hand, and nothing else is more important than where you find yourself at the moment.   In the swing of the moment, you are so energetic, quick to speak and act, your drive and tenacity carries you through.   Nothing else gives us a sense of well-being, than having spent time with commitment and dedication.   It can be otherwise also.   In moments of depression, you wallow in the self created pond of insecurity, surrounded only by all your past glaring mistakes and embarrassing moments.   It never seems to end.   You want to drown.

Remember the scene from the window of the moving car.   Wherever you are, whatever you may feel, just remember that this current image will just flash past, and the scenario will change.   There will come a period of lassitude, and you will wonder how you managed to be on top of situations just a little while ago.   Was that really me, could I have done it better another way, now where did I go wrong, you will ask yourself.   There will come a day, when you have pulled yourself out of the pond of self pity, you will feel the need to be lively and cheerful once again.   It was just a bad patch you went through, is what you will tell yourself.

And that is the ultimate truth.   That...