Changes Between 1776-1870 in Us

Changes Between 1776 and 1870 In The U.S.
Life is full of change. We live on a planet were very few things ever stay the same. In 1776 things were a lot different from what they were in 1870. A lot had changed in those 94 years, for better and for worse.
Between the years of 1776 and 1870 the Unites States went through a series of changes with its society. The 14th amendment gave African Americans the right of citizenship in America, The 13th amendment abolished slavery, and the 15th amendment prohibits the right to vote. These amendments forced whites to understand and deal with the new changes in the U.S. Society that occurred through 1776-1870 and to treat African Americans equally. That was a very unusual change because blacks had always been treated as second class citizens.
Another big change in the U.S. between those years was inventions. Inventions took on a huge role and made life simpler and easier. A couple of examples are the Cotton Gin and the Steam Engine. The cotton gin caused massive growth in the production of cotton in the United States, which was produced mostly in the South. Since southerners depended on this labor for money, it caused the need for more slaves to be in their fields. The Steam Engine made life easier in the U.S. because families could visit each other quicker, instead of taking the long journey of riding in a wagon or on a horse. However the steam engine also polluted the air which in return was/is not good for the environment.
Finally, the biggest change of the U.S. was the U.S. The magnitude of the United States grew larger over the years from Colonies to States and ultimately to a United Nation. Originally there were only 13 colonies. It wasn’t till later on that 37 states were established. The population increased immensely, about 19 times the original number because slaves were freed and immigrants from Europe traveled to the U.S. To close, change should never be looked at as a bad thing because without change we...