Cert Ed Mod 2

What is assessment? Gravells (2008) suggests that assessment is a process of ascertaining if learning has taken place. Gravells adds that assessment enables the assessor to find out if a learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed at a given point towards a course or qualification.  
The assessment process in a teaching environment is a necessary requirement in order to measure a pupil’s knowledge and understanding. Assessments come in many guises, and of all the methods, each are invaluable in obtaining an outcome in which the teacher can use to obtain positive outcomes. Throughout this essay, I will look at the different theories and principles of assessment. Furthermore I will discuss methods on how a teacher can establish and maintain an appropriate environment for assessment to maximise learners’ opportunities and potential for success. Moreover I will give consideration to equality and diversity issues relating to the assessment process.
Initial assessment
Initial assessment is an essential part of effective admission procedures. This type of assessment is about knowing your candidates in order to be able to support them appropriately. It is the starting point from which students’ progress and achievement can be measured. Initial assessment should be of benefit to learners and help them feel positive about themselves and their potential to learn. As a tutor it is imperative that you identify the learner’s needs, whether these are numeracy or literacy or indeed any areas of learning which need to be addressed. A basic functional skills test would be beneficial to decipher at what level a student is at. Knowing initially what the learner requires is necessary as it can be used to plan the course and measure development. Initial assessment involves an induction this takes place prior to the course beginning and is imperative in the future planning of any learning outcomes. It is also important initially that the tutor ascertains...