Celta-Skills Assignment

‘Skills Assignment’

Choice of material
I have chosen a Cycle Hire leaflet as my material. I would use it with a group of elementary learners. It is a leaflet which describes how to rent bikes in London, how much does it cost, what are the benefits of becoming a member, how and where to use it.
On the other side of the leaflet there is a map of central London with the docking locations where to rent the bikes. I have chosen this authentic material because I believe it is a good reading task for the students, it’s informative,   easy to understand and use, it explains the costs, the usage and payment options. It gives an idea how to travel and enjoy London in a different way and maybe even for some students it is a cheaper option to travel than by public transport.
Students might have some experience how to rent these bikes or might feel motivated to try them out. In the second half of the lesson they can speak about it more easily once they have interest in the subject.
Reading is a constant process of guessing, and what one brings to the text is often more important than what one finds in it. This is why, from the very beginning, the students should be taught to use what they know to understand unknown elements, whether these are ideas or simple words. Reading is an active skill. Reading comprehension should not be separated from the other skills. There are few cases in real life when we do not talk or write about what we have read. It is therefore important, to link the different skills through the reading activities chosen:
-reading and writing, e.g. summarizing, note-making

-reading and listening, e.g. matching opinions and texts

-reading and speaking, e.g. discussions, debates
(Grellett, 1981)

Reading to oneself (as opposed to reading aloud) is, like listening, a ‘receptive’ skill. The most obvious differences are to do with the fact that people read at different speeds and in different ways. Many learners approach reading texts expecting to...