Assignment instructions
(Please note that this assignment focuses on receptive skills)
1. Read or re-read Scrivener chapter 8 or Harmer chapter 7 or 10.
2. Select an appropriate piece of authentic2
reading or listening material
3. Prepare tasks and any necessary materials for before, during and after
reading/listening that lead within the period of instruction3 to appropriate
practice of the productive skills of speaking or writing
4. Produce a lesson plan incorporating your tasks and materials
5. Write a rationale of the lesson which should include:
a. A description of the target class
i. Number
ii. Level
iii. Special considerations if any
iv. Assumed knowledge/skills
v. Learner type(s) and age(s)
b. An explanation of why the particular material(s) were selected
c. An explanation of what learning outcomes are anticipated for the
lesson, e.g. what skills and what sub-skills are to be practised and
d. An explanation of how each stage/task will contribute to those
learning outcomes
e. Supporting quotations from Scrivener and / or other appropriate
f. Overall length of assignment: 750 - 1,000 words – this does not
include the materials but a full and detailed lesson plan counts as
250 words.
g. As you write the rationale, feel free to state “see lesson plan” rather
than repeating information.
Brief bibliography
Scrivener, J, 2005, Learning Teaching, Macmillan
Harmer, J 2007 How to teach English, Pearson Longman
“Authentic” in this context means something that was originally designed for users of the
language other than learners – coursebook material, therefore, will not fit the bill.
Period of instruction = the lesson plus any planned follow-up homework assignment. You
decide how long you want your lesson to be between 40 minutes and 1 ½ hours.
Receptive Language skills assignment
Pre-submission checklist
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