Causes of American Revolution

U.S. History Final Product

There were many causes that led to the birth of the great United States. The early colonists began the American Revolution with justified cause against Great Britain. There are two main causes that really made the difference. They were the way Great Britain taxed Americans and the colonist’s lack of Natural Rights.
The first main cause of the American Revolution was the way British Parliament taxed the Americans. From taxation without representation to unreasonable taxes. The British Parliament began to pass unconstitutional taxes just for their own wealth. “Never did the British Parliament think of imposing duties on America for the purpose of raising revenue.”(John Dickinson, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania 1765) The British felt that since the American colonies were setup by them, they could grow from it. That’s exactly what America did; it built up Great Britain by becoming a profitable asset. What more could they ask for. Another way British taxes fueled the revolution was their taxation of the colonist’s without their representation. This enraged the colonist’s greatly. They had no offense against being taxed; they did not like the fact that they had no say. That’s one of the key reasons they came to America to be free. In George Washington’s letter to Bryan Fairfax on July 20, 1774 he said” Great Britain hath no more right to put their hands into my pocket, without my consent.” Washington was saying that you can’t take my money unless he knew what for. The British Parliament was demanding all these taxes but not saying where they went towards. Parliament member George Grenville said “this Kingdom (Great Britain) has the sovereign, the supreme legislative power over America … and taxation is part of that sovereign power” (January 14, 1776). Which is true but the British government owed the colonist’s the respect to have a voice in their taxes.
The second major cause was the British’s denial of colonist’s...