The American Revolution

What does it take to start a country? When does a person push a whole set of colonies beyond the edge? What major events lead to a birth of a nation? The American Revolution is by far one of the greatest battles in American history. There wasn’t a new technology unveiled that would turn the tide of war neither was there shady politics going on by both sides. This war started a nation that soon turned out to be one of the greatest in history. But what events started this war, this revolution as some people might say.
There are many causes of the American Revolution Major Events That Led to the American Revolution. The road to revolution built slowly over time. Many events fed the thirteen colonies for independence some of the major events that led to the Revolution. Are events such as the French and Indian War this war was between Britain and France and ended with the victorious British deeply in debt and demanding more money and supplies from the colonies but also with the defeat of the French, the colonies became less dependent on Britain for protection which didn’t sit well with the British forces because they had charged the Americans with protection fees. Another main cause was the Sugar Act this act raised the money from the colonies and put duties on sugar imported from the West Indies.

The Currency Act was passed because Parliament argued that colonial currency had caused the British money to be less valuable which ended up being harmful to British trade. They banned American printing presses from issuing paper bills or bills of credit. This action led to the creation of the Committees of Correspondence Organized by Samuel Adams, these helped spread propaganda against the British and information through letters. The Quartering Act allowed Britain to make an order that colonists were to house and feed British soldiers if necessary hence the name quartering act. The Stamp Act was a major cause of the revolution because this required tax stamps on many...