Cause and Oil

Charlette Williams
Dr. Rhonda Smith
English 1113 VT
June 16, 2010
The Oil Spill
With everything going on in the world today, President Barack Obama has a new crisis on his hand. Within the last fifty-seven days there has been a problem with the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. It is now spreading into Louisiana. Consequently, seafood companies are losing business, animals are being harmed and there are new jobs available.
As a result of the oil spill, oil is spreading across the waters very rapidly. The BP is very much responsible for what is going on. Oil has washed itself upon many beaches and can be harmful to its surroundings. As of now it has reached the Louisiana line. With everything that has gone on there, this will be just another problem for the Louisianans. The oil spill is one of the latest blows to the people of Louisiana, which has already been through a great deal of disasters. The oil is spreading, and at this point everything they have tried to do has failed.
Due to the oil spill, there has been a major decrease in the seafood industry workers. He had to get the best of what was left before the initial spreading of the oil spill grew. This finically put sea workers out of business. Although at this point it is still safe to eat seafood.   Also, there have been a number of dead animals due to the oil spill. This is really a big problem for wildlife. However, the birds and marine mammals may be affected by the oil spill.  Fish are attracted to oil because it looks like floating food.  The oil spill has a major affect on many animals that live near the oceans. The oil may even stick to some of the animals and this can cause many problems. Even though the oil spilling is not a good situation, it has opened up new jobs for the economy. People are coming up with different types of events to help with the oil spill. There have been big events by celebrities that have raised money for the wildlife and seafood industry.
Now that the oil is...