Case Study Emotions & Framing

Case Study: Emotions and Framing
Freddie Bardley
Grantham University

Case Study: Emotions and Framing
For this case study assignment, I was to select two factual case studies.   The Dempsey’s and Angry Customers case were chosen for this assignment. For each of the selected cases the emotional issues within each one will be analyzed. Also a definition and discussion of reframing will be presented.
The Dempsey’s
The Dempsey’s seem like a nice family; however, Matt and his mom Melissa cannot see things from the same perspective. Matt feels that he is old enough to where he does not need his family making strict rules and he should be able to pick the partners for a relationship. Matt dates Shelly, whom his family seems to disapprove of. Melissa wants what is best for Matt and would like for him to strive for better grades in school so he can attend college and leave Shelly alone because she has no morals and does not want anything positive out of life. As with emotional issues, there are many because both people have so much they want to say but they are not communicating where a solution can be made. As with Matt it seems as though he is stressed, angry, belittled, caged, and ignored. Melissa feels many emotions because she believes her son ignores the advice she is giving him pertaining to his grades, college plans, and his girlfriend. Melissa feels hurt, sad, unappreciated, and unloved. All of the emotions each person is experiencing are due to their not approaching the subjects accordingly. Mike wants his son and wife to come to a positive resolution, which is why he stepped in to offer assistance but things took a turn for the worse as usual.
Angry Customers
The two angry customers were Bill and Nadine Crawford. Bill and Nadine had been planning for a family vacation for a while, which is why they had set money aside since they have a family of six including the both of them. Their travel agent informed them of their motel stay being 20% off, so...