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Amiri Baraka’s The Dutchman would be considered a historical allegory that could be understood as this poetic and dramatic expression of the relationship between whites and blacks throughout the existence of the United States. These patterns of history are symbolically acted out by the two characters Lula and Clay; Lula represents white America and Clay seems to stand for the modern day Uncle Tom, who has over time been shaped by white America and this slave mentality.
The beginning Stage directions seem to form this poem in it of itself. The first line establishes the mythic qualities of the play. “In the flying underbelly of the city. Steaming hot and summer on top, outside. Underground. The subway heaped in modern myth.” (1086) The “flying underbelly” is the metaphor for the Flying Dutchman, which is foreshadowing the almost doomed area. Also Baraka puts a lot of emphasis on the word the underground which seems to foreshadow the below surface intentions of the play right at the beginning. Then the “modern myth” suggests that the play will act as a myth for the patterns o...

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...ords, and no deaths, clean, hard thoughts, urging me to new conquests.” () Here Baraka shows that even though Clay was sucked in by Lula’s sexual temptations, he never was never fooled into thinking that she or metaphorically white America would ever accept him.

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