Career Exploration

Career Exploration Assignment

This assignment has put into perspective for me this journey of pursuing higher education. The results from the career exploration assignment helped me to identify and explore other career opportunities. Based on the information received I would enjoy pursuing a career in Human Resources Manager. In my opinion a successful company strongest asset is its Human Resource Manager. My wife and I are currently in the final stages of owning our own company and as the Companies COO, I felt that I should play the role of the Human Resource Manager in order to maintain the structure and stability of the company (i.e. orientation of new employees, termination, moral, organization, and other components).   In Completing the Exploration assignment I found interest in careers such as, Organizational Development Specialist, and Training and Developing manager.

The results gave me an accurate account of my career goals. My wife and I are currently in the process of getting licensed to operate a Mental Health Company. Although we are both very knowledgeable in the Mental Health field, our business experience and knowledge is limited. In the Mental Health field the Human Resource Manager is the backbone of your company. I believe this career path in Human resources will defiantly give me the tools, resources, and advantages other companies do not have such as organization, ethical standards, and structured to run a successful company.

The finalized results did not surprise me because a career in Human Resource Management is my ultimate goal. However, it gave me more options that I can explore in my career path such as; The Organizational Development specialist and Training and Developing manager.   Which each of these career paths it gives me the opportunity to Lead, structure, and organize a company to operate with a high success rate.   Having experience in both fields will just bring about more opportunities for me to be successful in my...