Care of the Older Person




For the purposes of this Case Study and to protect her identity my Client will be known as Sheila.   Sheila is 86yrs of age and lives alone in a rural setting in Co. Meath. Sheila is widowed for the last 25 years and has two daughters one of whom lives next door to her and the other lives a few miles away. Sheila is originally from Co. Galway and worked as a Housekeeper in her late teens and early twenties before she met and married her husband.

Sheila is quiet by nature and loves music especially traditional Irish music and she also sang in various different choirs over the years. Sheila is very religious and always has a rosary beads by her side.   She loves having the television or radio on and especially looks forward to a Sunday morning when she can watch mass on television.

Sheila was a great cook and baker in her day and was very well known in the locality for her culinary skills.   Sheila was a very active member of her local ICA for over 40 years and also enjoyed gardening and flower arranging.

Throughout her life Sheila always had a great sense of style and fashion.   She was always smartly dressed and loved wearing make-up and especially never went anywhere without her lipstick on, most important she would say.

Sheila had a stroke a couple of years ago and shortly afterwards fell and broke her hip. Sheila did not make a good recovery after having a hip replacement and gradually over time severe arthritis has set in leaving her immobile. Sheila is now incontinent and she is quiet deaf also.   Sheila is high dependency due to her condition but does have good communication skill’s which helps her better deal with her situation.


Sheila needs assistance with her hygiene & healthcare routine on a daily basis.   Her main needs in this regard are as follows :

Getting out of   bed every...