Care of the Older Person

Analysis of the brief

As part of my nursing studies course at Mallow College of further Education. I have studied the component Anatomy and Physiology. I am required to submit an assignment weighing 20% of my overall grade in this component. The title of the assignment is “Investigate how the human body would digest and absorb a balanced meal”. The following guidelines have been given to me by my class tutor, Ms Sarah Reidy.
The assignment requires me to investigate how my body would digest and absorb the contents of a balanced meal of my choice. My investigation must be a combination of my own research, which will be primary research, and information I may obtain from the internet or books, which will be secondary research. The primary research must be in the form of a breakdown of the nutritional content of my chosen balanced meal. My investigation must be presented in a mainly written lay out, combining visual aids such as diagrams or tables where required. All sources of my information must be referenced where appropriate throughout the text and in my bibliography. I may use an appendix if necessary. I am required to type my assignment. My assignment requires the following:
  * A cover page
  * Signed copy of my brief
  * Analysis of my brief
  * Work plan
  * Definitions and explanations of linked terms
  * Diagram of the digestive system
  * A sample of a balanced meal
  * Investigation of nutritional content of my chosen meal  
  * Discussion on how the meal is digested
  * Discussion on how the digested meal is absorbed
  * Conclusion to my assignment
  * Bibliography
  * Appendix
The assessment criteria are:
Effective planning
Execution of my assignment
Demonstration of appropriate findings
Conclusion and supportive documentation

I was given my assignment brief by my tutor Ms Sarah Reidy on November 26th 2013 and I am required to submit it by 11.30 am on December 17th in Room 17 of Mallow College of Further Education