Capital Punishement in Australia

Capital Punishment should be reintroduced for heinous crimes.

Capital punishment has been formally abolished in Australia. It was last used in 1967 when Ronald Ryan was hung in Victoria. There are many debates as to whether the death penalty should be reintroduced or that it is never justified, but I believe that it should be reintroduced for heinous crimes. The definition of a heinous crime is a grossly wicked or horrid crime, such as murder or rape. Executions deliver reasonable retribution, it is also consistent with religious ethics and it must be maintained because it lowers risk of murders happening again.
Capital punishment should be reintroduced but it only delivers reasonable retribution in the case of heinous crimes, such as cold blooded murder or rape. When surveyed   on why death penalty supporters give for favouring the death penalty 37% said ‘an eye for an eye/ a life for a life’, 13% said ‘ they deserve it’, 11% said ‘ it saves taxpayers money’ while another   11% said ‘it sets an example for future criminals’.   I personally believe that if a person is found guilty of a heinous crime such as murder, that they deserve the death penalty.   Capital punishment sets a society standard that any assault on a human life will not be tolerated. It tells us that innocent life is precious and that the lives of murders and victims should not be viewed in the same way or on the same level, and that the people who take way the lives of the innocent should be punished for the crimes that they have committed.
The Catholic Church teaches that life is sacred ‘from them= moment of conception to the time of natural death’ and that life may not be taken between the two extremes.   But in fact the death penalty is consistent with religious ethics and there are areas within the bible that god has commanded the use of the death penalty. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament god commands the use of the death penalty. Throughout the Old Testament we find many case...