The War of Pictures

Pictures are mementos of our lives that reflect many different events, ideas and stages of life.   Armed with digital cameras, people often take and post pictures that are viewed by many others with no thought as to how their photographs might be viewed.   While this thought may not cross our minds, it certainly crosses the minds of those who make the billboards viewed by thousands and the magazine ads selling hundreds of copies worldwide.   An image that is used to sell merchandise or ideas to the public requires copious amounts of thought and effort in order to cause the general public to stop and take attention.   What sorts of ideas go into planning a poster, and how do we respond to the many images that surround us?   During the Second World War there were many posters that were aimed at citizens to encourage them to join the war effort.   One of the famously known posters ‘”Keep ‘Em Flying, Miss America’” was an effective cry for women throughout America to join in the war effort through its advertising techniques.
The poster displays a coloured image alongside various slogans and information.   The woman in the picture is youthful and smiling; her face glows brightly.   She proudly displays her army uniform with her hand to her forehead in salute. Behind is a typewriter with an American flag in the backdrop.   Above the flag are the bold words ‘Victory Waits on Your Fingers’ in black capital lettering.   The most eye catching part of the lettering is just below the image with the words “Keep ‘Em Flying Miss USA” blazoned in red.   All of this lettering is very striking with the vital information at the bottom of the page like a footnote claiming “Uncle Sam Needs Stenographers!   Get Civil Service Information at your Local Post Office.   U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C.” This cheerful poster was propped on street corners and stood against many of the more dour and urgent military advertisements.
This poster is one of many that were aimed at women...