Caesar - Struggle and Survival

Julius Caesar
Struggle and Survival
From the beginning of the tragedy, we can see that Julius Caesar is very self-confident. Some people as artisans think that he is hero. They respect him. Nevertheless, not all the people think like that. Cassius thinks that Caesar is not as good as people think about him. He has seen Caesar in different situations. Once, Caesar asked Cassius to cross the Tiber. At the midway Caesar started to drown. Cassius helped him and got him out of the river. Another case, when Caesar had fever in Spain and Cassius saw him shaking, Caesar looked very pathetic and weak. His lips were pale. Cassius is shocked, how person as weak as Caesar can control the world. However, Caesar can notice that it is something wrong with Cassius. He feels threatened. Nevertheless, Caesar is self-reliant and is not afraid of Cassius because he thinks that Cassius is too weak. One day, people offered Caesar a crown, but he renounced it. Antony offered this crown three times and every time it was harder and harder for Caesar to renounce. In addition, crowd screamed and shouted happily. At this moment, Caesar had struggle with himself. He ardently wished to get a crown. However, he wants to look better in the people eyes. That is why, I think, he renounced the crown. One month after, on the Ides of March, Caesar has to go to the Capitol. He will be crowned. However, there is conspiracy against Caesar. Caesars wife, Calpurnia, has a vision. She has a fear for her husband. She tries to make Caesar stay at home. First, he agrees with her but then conspirators come and persuade him to go to Capitol. One of the conspirators says that Caesar is afraid of his wife’s dream. Caesar is very proud and confident. He decides to go to the Capitol. Conspirators used these Caesar’s features to make him come to the Capitol. Caesar believes in his superiority. When conspirators kill Caesar, we see how he loses the struggle. It seems like it is the end. However,...