Learning Journal

The purpose of the Learning Journal is to encourage you to think and write about what you have read; what has been covered in the lectures and discussed in class; and, how this pertains to your work. You should also write about how you could apply some concepts from the lectures to work, in order to improve your performance, the performance of your team, or the performance of your organisation.    


In lecture 7 we discussed the concept of leadership and in particular what makes an effective leader. During the 2nd article assessment I reviewed the paper looking at the ‘dark side’ of leadership and this provided a greater appreciation of the relationship between leadership and personality styles. It is apparent from lecture 8 that communication plays a large part in leadership with different personalities employing different styles of communication (Westwood, 2001).

Working within District Health Board my department consists of approximately 40 other psychiatrists with three appointed leaders (two medical directors reporting to one clinical director) with each director having their own distinct leadership style.

Due to chronic staffing shortages and increasing demand for our services, we are shortly to embark on restructuring that will see the crisis team function being transferred from the four outpatient teams to the inpatient team. In essence this means that one well-staffed team will be created from four poorly staffed teams, minimizing duplication and therefore waste within the service. Already four psychiatrists have had to compulsorily move to the inpatient service and there are another four affected by the next stage. This is causing concern within the department as job descriptions are being unilaterally changed, unions have become involved and in the context of this course and there is an atmosphere of anger and distrust. In the context of this learning journal, it is interesting to see the way the different...