Business development plan of: Coffee Bean House
  1. Executive Summary
This report has been made to highlight a business plan for a coffee house by the name “Coffee Bean House”. The coffee house i.e. Coffee Bean House will be located on the Dempsey Road in Singapore. Dempsey has been referred to as one of chic locations in Singapore. Though, opening a coffee house is not a novel idea but it will be portrayed in a different manner to the target audience. Coffee Bean House would be referred to as one of the coffee house which will act as a stress buster for the people in their daily life. Coffee Bean House will offer a comfortable place to sit, dine, hangout, talk, read a novel, etc.
Coffee Bean House will not only serve coffee to the target audience whereas it will provide wide range of food items such as grilled sandwiches, vegetarian and non vegetarian burger, hot dogs, grilled canopies, light snacks, etc. It shall be kept in mind that, the overall profit margin for Coffee Bean House is expected to be between 40 % – 60%. The main target audience for Coffee Bean House will be the coffee lovers who are willing to spend some amount of their precious time as well as money by treating themselves with the best coffee in Singapore. The atmosphere provided at Coffee Bean House will be mesmerizing as well as soothing. This will attract people from different age & income groups. It can be assumed that, the main chunk of revenue at Coffee Bean House will be generated by the students studying in various universities, faculty members, coffee lovers, people located in the nearby offices, teenagers, old people, etc.Coffee Bean House would be regarded as a limited liability company (LLC) who will be entitled to enjoy the advantages of both corporations as well as partnership form of business entity. Limited Liability Company (LLC) would be referred to as one of the most popular structures to carry on the coffee house. One of the major advantages which can be attained by...