Essay Outline

Paragraph 1   (Introduction)
Background – Recently, Australian Government start to focus on auditing the materials of the internet. During the process, they suppose using filters to block some websites that they thought unsuitable for the public.
Identification of problem – The popular using of internet filters has rise a argument between the government and publics. In regard of protecting children from unsuitable materials, the government consider it as the most effective way to achieve. However, some publics think it that has influence their speech and known rights.
Thesis statement – This essay will against using internet filters for protecting children, alternatively research better methods to meet the purpose.

Paragraph 2 (Body)
Topic sentence: The American government amend the laws that in order to force publics using internet filters.
  a) As the pressure given by American Family Association, many libraries have to built their own system to censor the internet (Minkel 2000, p25).

  b) The American Library Association would be accused, as it disagree using internet filters. ( Spurlin & Garry 2009, p91)
  c) In 2000, the Child Pornography and Prevention Act was established (Dobija 2007, p52).

Paragraph 3 (Body)
Topic sentence: Internet filters can’t wor effectively for blocking unsuitable materials.

  a) The postal staff adopted filters to check personal emails, which is unethical and assault private rights (Newton 2008-2009, p3).
  b) The operational principle of Virtual Private Network that is supported by the government may be encouraged crime (Newton 2008-2009, p4).
  c) The blacklists that set by Australian Communications and Media Authority include some legal websites (Newton 2008-2009, p5).
  d) In Kansas, some adult viewing unsuitable materials were found in children’s studying websites ( Spurlin & Garry 2009, p95).

Paragraph 4 (Body)
Topic sentence: The internet censorships would effect the...