D1 – Evaluating how excellent and confident personal selling was demonstrated

Introduction – For this task I have been asked to carry out an evaluation to explain how I demonstrated confident working skills in 3 different situations I will explain how I performed in each situation and provide examples.

K2 Phones –I will now evaluate my performance for K2 Phones and provide examples on how I demonstrated excellent and confident working skills.

I am working at K2 Phones, K2 Phones is a mobile phone shop and I am working as a sales advisor. A customers comes into the store and I greet him by saying “Hello welcome to K2 Phones how may I help you today sir?” this showed that I was interested in the customer and wanted to help him. This is a very important part of excellent personal selling because it will make the customer feel welcome to the store and will also make the customer think that I am helpful and that I respect him. If I didn’t do this the customer would feel unwanted and would think that I am very rude and disrespectful, which might result in the customer leaving and this would give K2 Phones a bad reputation.

The customer wanted to know what the latest phone with all the best features was. I listened carefully to what he was saying and I replied “Of course that is my job, the phone that I would recommend to you is the new w995 it is a truly brilliant phone with excellent features”, however he said it was to expensive so I offered him a Samsung Tocco and he happily accepted it. This demonstrated excellent and confident personal selling skills because I answered his question without any hesitation because I knew which phone had the best features and it was without any doubt the W995. If I had showed him an awful phone the customer would be very confused and he will eventually shop at a different store which would put me in big trouble.

Once I had explained everything to the customer I let him decide if he wanted to buy it or not this is part of...