Week six OPS/571 Operation Management                                                                                                                           Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing.   Create a 1,050-word (maximum) proposal package for Riordan in which you include the following items in the proposal:
      ·         The MRP for the manufacturing of the Riordan electric fans
      ·         A new process design for the production of the Riordan electric fans
      ·         A supply chain for the electric fans, taking advantage of any global opportunities available to Riordan Manufacturing such as lower labor costs
      ·         A production forecast for the Riordan electric fans
      ·         An implementation plan, including a Gantt chart of the design process, for the Riordan electric fans
      ·         A cover letter detailing how you will coordinate aggregate operations planning and TQM for the Riordan electric fans

Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing strives to be the leader in using polymer materials to provide solutions to customer’s challenges.   The main focus is to achieve and maintain reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained growth.   In order to obtain these goals Riordan Manufacturing will need to have a strong production plan.

Strategic Capacity Planning
Riordan Manufacturing has Chinese business partners with facilities in China.   These facilities are in close proximity to the Qiantang River. The river access leads to Hangzhou Bay, which is sufficient to handle our shipping needs.   Therefore, Riordan Manufacturing made a decision to take the electric fan process design supply chain to China.
In order for this new location, Hangzhou, to be profitable, Riordan Manufacturing will need a strategic capacity plan which will provide an approach for determining the overall capacity level of capital-intensive...