Roles of advertising agencies
In this leaflet we are going to be looking at how the business organisations would often use professionals from specialist agencies to help the produce an effective campaign that will achieve the promotional objectives. The successful campaign is going to include the right choice of media.

The roles of advertising agencies: The advertising agency would come up with creative ideas that would send a message and achieve the objective of a promotional campaign. They would come with different adverting concepts which can include handouts, website, presentation, events etc. When a business agrees with the advertising agency does, the advertising agency would then have the responsibilities that involve looking in sectors of production of advertising materials together with media. The advertising agencies would usually charge head hour cost for any third party production or other service that they would offer. For a successful campaign to happen the production of printing material could require graphic designing and some costs that would come up. Advertising agencies create information that would lead to a successful campaign depending on the information gathered about the business or product together with some research about the business. They usually have a team with different functions like planners, copywriters, etc. The advertising agencies would make use of the experience and knowledge that they have and they work in a professional way.

Types of media: For a successful campaign to happen types of media would play an important role. When using media for advertising, press, social media and TV are usually effective, posters and radio are not as effective as them. There are costs that would be involved when using the national and regional newspapers for a promotional campaign and they are important and effective. The magazines and trade journal are almost like newspapers but the costs of using would depend on the magazine. Using the...