Acknowledgement 1
Introduction 4
Task 1.1 time limited assessment (closed book) 5
Task1.2 Discuss the impact of different types of contracts. 6
Introduction 6
P1.2 6
Task 1.3: Analyze terms in contracts with references to their meaning and effect 8
Introduction 8
P1.3 8
M2.3: explain an invitation to treat, an offer, acceptance with the reference of the postal rule. 11
D3.1: the meaning and the effects of the terms should be given with proper examples in relation to business context & the application of postal rule should be discussed in relation to the modern context. 15
Task2.1: Apply the elements of contracts in given business scenarios 19
Introduction 19
P2.1 19
M1.3: the effective approach to study and research has been taken place through indicating 02 significant reasons 21
D1.3 Self-criticism against the negative impacts. 23
Task2.2: apply the law on different terms and exclusion clauses in a contract, with reference to two different contracts. 24
Introduction 24
M2.1 conclusion of the answer with different terms and exclusion clauses in a contract. 26
Conclusion 26
Task2.3 evaluate the effects of the different terms in contracts in relation to the above scenario 27
Introduction 27
Conclusion 27
Task 3.1Contrast liability in tort with contractual liability. 28
Introduction 28
P3.1: 28
M3.1 in order to contrast liability in tort with contractual liability must follow an appropriate structure and approach to reach the conclusion 30
Conclusion 30
Task3.2 time limited assessment (open book) 31
Task 3.3 explain how a business can be vicariously liable. 32
Introduction 32
Task4.1 elements of the tort of negligence and defenses. 40
Introduction 40
P4.1 40
M1.1:   Make the final judgment as whether each and every party is liable or not. 43
D3.4: problems have to be solved with reference to the negligence & vicarious liability. 44
Task 4.2 Apply the elements of vicarious...