Positive points
  * a superior and subordinate predicts the subordinate’s job satisfaction and commitment.
  * those who experience a fit with their working environment may experience less stress.
  * produce more positive work outcomes than those who experience a misfit.
  * the similarity in personality between leader and subordinate produced a positive outcome.
  * theory of fit is still an interesting and important background theory for many human resource management processes, and particularly for the recruitment process.

Negative points
  * between leader and subordinate in contrast produced only negative outcomes in terms of assessed performance.
  * no significant correlation with the leader’s performance and vice versa,the achievement, the interaction, and the thinking motivations did not have any significant correlation with the leader’s job satisfaction.
  * be overly simplistic.
  * even if the attraction, selection, and attrition process ultimately produces homogeneity in personal characteristics (Schneider, Goldstein & Smith, 1995) it should notbe concluded that such homogeneity will have only positive consequences.
  * PP fit does have a significant role to play in predicting leaders’work performance, and therefore this issue should be considered in the recruitment process to ensure that organizations do not become too homogenous.
Conclusions of the research
  * Being differences between the leader’s and subordinate’s personalities does improve the leader’s work performance.
  * Similar the leader’s and subordinate’s leadership motivation, the less the leader experienced symptoms of burnout.
  * people may be more attracted to other things, for example organizational   values or job tasks, than by personality and choose to stay in an organization for those reasons.
  * These results suggestthat if firms want to improve the...