Business Proposal

Business Proposal
Jorge Torres
University of Phoenix
Economics 561
R. David Flesh
                                                                  July 30, 2012

          It seems that every time we turn on the television we are bombarded with fitness gadgets and weight loss supplements, all which are developed due to the obsession of getting the ideal everyone desires. Do these fads really work, or are they just another marketing scheme to take money from people. Studies have shown that most of the fitness gadgets and supplements have very little effect and do not give the results people want to get. The bottom line is someone wants to lose weight and achieve that desirable body, one needs to put in work at the gym and have a proper nutrition plan. As the owner of I.V Fitness, I service the community by providing a great gym with all the amenities someone needs to stay healthy and achieve their dream body. I.V Fitness is always trying to come up with ways to improve their gym and that it is why we want to incorporate Cross Fit in our gym.
Cross Fit is a fairly new fitness type of workout that has been circulating the country more and more everyday. It has exploded within the last several years. Cross Fit started in 2007 and has then become very popular. I.V fitness wants to add Cross Fit to their gym because that is what a lot of people are looking to do. The reason why Cross Fit has become very popular is because it has a great effect on people and it is a designed specific workout in which it is already set up for the individual. Cross Fit workouts are not your ordinary workouts you see in the gym, they compose of free weights and need a lot of space. Cross Fit gyms are expensive compared to the ordinary gym such as I.V Fitness. I.V Fitness believes that they can incorporate this service within their gym and maximize profit.
To increase revenue we will offer this service to our current members as well as advertise it to the public. Since our gym...