Business and Adminitration

Unit six: Principles of budgets in a business environment


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Name: Szilvia Pek

Section 1: The purpose of budgets

This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 1: Understand the purpose of budgets in a business environment.

|Learning objective                                                                           |Place in Assessment                               |
|1.1 Explain the purpose of budgets for managing financial resources to meet business         |Question 1 Page 1                                 |
|requirements                                                                                 |                                                   |

1. Why are budgets used to manage financial resources? [1.1]

Budgeting is dealing with money, the organisation / company’s money, sponsor’s money, other private funder’s money, but in every scenario, you are dealing with money.

Managing financial resources effectively and efficiently is a standard for financial and performance management and this means, reasonable value for money

Good budget management will help your company to:

make effective and efficient use of resources
achieve objectives and fulfil commitments to stakeholders
become more accountable to donors and other stakeholders
gain the respect and confidence of funding agencies and partners
gain advantage in...