Bus210 the Offical Language Movement

The Official Language Movement
Amanda Beaman
Bus 210
May 24, 2011
Nancy Beale

The Official Language Movement
The Hispanic population is growing fast and need to change educational conditions. Bilingualism is treated as a liability instead of a rich culture and economic recourses (Archived Information, 1996) .If there is no change in education for Hispanic and Latino children they will have low education (Archived Information, 1996).

Many Hispanics are committed to bilingual education which means helping children (more immigrant children than others) stay in school (Garcia, 1996). The “solution” for dealing with illegal immigration is to make sure they have a national identification card and a national computerized worker registry, which employers can get to assure they are legal (Garcia, 1996). Most political candidates prefer to focus on the liabilities of their migration since these guarantee media attention (Garcia, 1996).
The civil rights revolution in the United States has led to a new politics of racial and ethical spoils (Falcoff, 1998).   Many children learn English quicker than Spanish (Falcoff, 1998).
Children should be taught there language before going to school (Duignan, 1998). Once they were in school they were taught English (Duignan, 1998). Criticism of bilingual education has grown as parents have shown it was ineffective to keep students in Spanish classes and slowed the learning of English (Duignan, 1998).
Group of Spanish-speaking parents pulled their children out of the school to protest its failure to teach English in 1996 (Crawford, 1999). Teachers had to speak English and Spanish as a requirement (Crawford, 1999).
Spanish has been taught as a foreign or secondary language in the United Sates for a while (Center for Applied Linguistics, 1992). Little attention was being paid to developing and coordinating programs for Hispanic bilingual college students of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds (Center for...