Brown Bother

Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard is a wine company in Australia and it was set up by John Francis Brown in 1889. In 1933, his son, John Charles Brown, makes it a family business. In the progress, there were challenges, for example, in 1943 drought restricts production to below the sales quota level. However, it seems the family business is strong enough to overcome the barriers. In 1958, third generation John Graham Brown joins the family of winemakers, and since then, is the beginning of an almost continuous succession of good vintages from 1978.

Brown Brothers Company has five vineyards and exports to more than 30 countries where include markets of UK, New Zealand and Asia. There is a competitive advantage of the company. Brown Brothers Company has invested not only in export quantity but also in research production and packaging development such as lighter weight glass packaging. Furthermore, Brown Brothers Company has got many wine awards. In 2010, Brown Brother Patricia Pinot, ChardonaryBrot 2005 was rewarded as best sparkling wine.

In this essay, there are five parts to analysis whether brown brothers can enter the Chinese market.

China is a developing country which lies in the east of Asia. The population of China is more than 1.3 billion, making up a quarter of world population. There is a high power distance and low individualism of Chinese culture.
Specially, there are three main soci-culture situations in China where as the Brown Brothers Company’s overseas market. Firstly, Chinese think good interpersonal relationship is crucial. They often present gifts to get closer each other. One author, YUNDI DEN, write a book about how to make use of interpersonal relationship to make success in their career. Because of this social feature, Brown Brothers Company can advertise some parts of productions as perfect gifts in Chinese market. Secondly, different wine cultures exist between AU and China. Chinese core product is Chinese white wine, it owns the...