Broadway Liverpool-Making/Repairing of society-inequalites-differences
  * After a major fire in Broadway indoor market how forced changed happened on both roads
  * The closure of a public house giving way to the change in nightlife with the influx of students
  * Many big name superstores have come and gone changing hands in the same location
  * Now many of local business have made way for cheaper superstores e.g.: (poundland)

Market Fire
Due to a fire in the market, Broadway suffered for a time while the re-construction took place, therefore this affected the community leaving people to travel out of there comfort zone for simple amenities. When finally repaired the market had seem to lose its sense of community and togetherness and never seemed to have the same buzz. Now repaired many things had changed such as the stalls, now very few an with different cultures occupying these stalls with the different goods needed for their cultures although the diversity is slowly repairing the hustle and bustle that once was in the market some of the older generation talk fondly about how it was then, to how it is now with some trepidation to change.

Pub closures
For this example am using one particular public house once known as Valentino‚Äôs, this well-known establishment was the hub for the older generation and the newer generation for many years until its closure in 2005 now with its closure the building lay dormant for many years until 2009 when it became a performing arts school, now this particular area of Broadway is a haven for students   and professional artist from all over the country again this major change to just one building has made its mark on the existing   community with the many different   cultures and new shops opening to accommodate for this new influx of people.

Supermarket Change
Local Business Change
There were many local or small business dotted all over Broadway for many years but with time comes change, and the small...