Bringing a Miracle Home

I had waited for nine months and the day had finally arrived, A few short hours my son would make his entrance into the world. The nurses at the Watauga Hospital had me prepped and ready for my planed c-section. When I got into the operating room the doctor put me to sleep. Two hours later I woke up surrounded by doctors. So I asked “Can I see Hunter my son?”

I never imagined my simple question would be the start of my worst nightmare until the doctor said like nothing was wrong “He is not here we sent him to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, because he had some complications.” “Well I am leaving to go see him.” I replied.

The doctor reminded me that I was cut hip to hip like I had forgotten, not wanting me to leave he left my room. I pulled the IV out of my arm. I met the doctor in the hallway, without any hesitation I firmly said “You can give my permission or I this hospital anyway,” Now yelling I finished “My son will not die down there alone!”

Without anything further my mom and me where on our way to Winston. When we finally arrived at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, we were directed to the third floor there we would find the NICU. I signed what seemed like a million documents to get clearance to enter through the doors. Once inside the NICU, the nurse had me and my mom a set of sanitary scrubs and directed us to the sink so we could wash our hands before putting them on, once we were clean and dressed. The nurse pointed us to a very large room with fifteen baby beds. I seen Hunters name on the first bed to my right. All I seen was a blanket of rainbow colored wires and tubes. I started to cry nothing in my life could have prepared me for how sickly he appeared. The doctor walked over to me and my mom, explaining that they had run all the necessary testing. He would let me know the results as soon as they arrived. After a long restless night, expecting the worse and praying for a miracle. Bright and early the next morning, the doctor called us into...